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The PowerPoint Presentation files presented in this section are completely or partially, focusing or related to the health research epidemiology. You can click on the name of each slide to download it as is (as a .PPT file) or click on the archive logo next to it, to download a compressed ZIP archive containing that file.

Below are a list of Powerpoint presentations used in workshops at the TUMS. They are provided free, and you are free to use and modify these, but we ask you to please acknowledge the original author in your presentations.

(Password: Eghtesad)

Principles of Measurement
Basic Concepts of Probability
Introduction to Probability Sampling Distributions

Tests of Statistical Significance - Three Overarching Concepts
Hypothesis Testing
Confidence Interval

Introduction To Sample Means (1)
Introduction To Sample Means (2)
Introduction To Sample Means (3)

t-Procedures for Estimating the Mean of a Population
t-Test for Two Independent Samples
t-Test for Two Correlated Samples

Chi-Square Procedures for the Analysis of Categorical Frequency Data
Chi-Square (1)
Chi-Square (2)
Chi-Square (3)

The Fisher Exact Probability Test

Conceptual Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
One-Way Analysis of Variance for Independent Samples (1)

Introduction to Correlation and Regression